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  • The Shape Of Love


    Nothing says “I Love You" like red roses! Gorgeous red roses carefully crafted in a luxurious acrylic box/cardboard box that is sure to sweep her off her feet!

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  • Happiness Bloom Box (Large/ Extra Large)


    Large and extra large bloom boxes to make a loved one's important day even more special. Carefully curated with a selection of beautiful fresh flowers set in a lovely box…

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  • Patience and Calm


    A calming bouquet of chamomile daisy flowers representing patience, peace and serenity. A beautiful bouquet to send to loved ones in hard times and give strength and energy in good…

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  • Beauty and Grace


    A beautiful dreamy bouquet of baby’s breath (in mixed colours) and roses (6 stalks of Kenyan roses) meant to represent beauty, innocence and grace.

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  • Petite Sunflower Bouquet


    Simple, bright and cheerful, this petite little sunflower bouquet paired with baby's breath or eucalytus leaves is meant to brighten up anyone's day.  

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  • A Bouquet of Pure Love


    An elegant bouquet of white roses and matching baby's breath fillers for the perfect person in your life. Representing innocent, everlasting love and purity, this rose bouquet is a romantic…

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  • Love In More Ways Than One


    A rose symbolises true love, and the balloon adds a unique touch to a very beautiful flower. It is the perfect gift for a romantic proposal, Valentine's day, birthday, anniversary…

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  • Heartfelt Gratitude


    Hydrangeas have inspired many artists and writers alike with their beauty and delicate form. Because of their many meanings, hydrangeas are great for many different occasions including heartfelt moments, apologies,…

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  • Perfect Love


    A simple, elegant bouquet of 9 tulips that expresses true love that is simple but perfect

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  • Hot Air Balloon Bloom Box


    A hot air balloon box that is pretty yet impressionable and different from other standard congratulatory stands. Let your recipient feel important and cared for with this special gift. Available…

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  • A Love Like No Other


    Brilliant Rose bouquet. Prices below: 9 Stalks $78 12 Stalks $98 18 Stalks $138 21 Stalks $158 Please indicate your choice of rose color (Red/White/Pink/Champagne).

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  • Sunshine in My Life


    A beautiful and vibrant bouquet that consists of 3 sun flowers, 5 roses, filler flower and Eucalyptus leaves. Perfect for making someone's day happy and sunny.

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