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  • A Love That Lasts Forever


    A large beautiful rose bouquet made for the person that is dearest in your life. Choose from bouquets ranging from 6, 9, 11, 18 or 25 stalks in your recipient's…

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  • Everlasting Princess Bell Jar


    For the lovely princess you cherish, the best way to show her you care is to gift her an everlasting Princess Bell Jar. Made with a lovely special princess figurine,…

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  • Petite Everlasting Bloom Box


    A simple bloom box made of a single everlasting rose and fillers, in a colour  of your choice to allow you to gift your recipient a gift set that is…

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  • Petite Everlasting Flower Bouquet


    A simple single stalk everlasting rose (colour choices available) with fillers to make up a stunningly beautiful bouquet which will last always.

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  • Flores Everlasting Flower Keychains and Ornaments


    A special keychain or ornament adorned with your recipient's favourite trinkets and a beautiful everlasting flower kept in a clear round plastic pendant. Contact us for customisation options and add-ons

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  • Air Freshener Floral Trinkets


    Uniquely designed everlasting floral air fresheners that are made to last, and to leave happy, refreshing floral scents. Available in varied colours for your selection.

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  • Flores Bluetooth Speaker – Single Rose


    The Flores Single Rose Bluetooth Speaker consists of a single elegant everlasting rose set encased in a beautiful flower dome complete with fairy lights and a quality bluetooth speaker base.…

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  • Flores Bluetooth Speaker – Mixed Flowers


    A pretty all-occasion flower dome with a built-in Bluetooth speaker and a fair light that entertains while sending a message of kind thoughts and everlasting friendship / love. Consists of…

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  • Blossom Ring Bearer Box


    A beautiful and memorable way to remember an important occasion whether an engagement or a wedding. Everlasting flowers last a long time just like how love should last an eternity…

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  • Pretty Flower Domes


    Create your own beautiful flower domes. A simple standard flower dome consists of 2 premium japan-imported everlasting flowers, everlasting hydrangeas and fillers.

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